About Us!

pic1Located at 1225 S. Fort Apache Rd. Las Vegas. Via Brasil Steakhouse is a family owned Restaurant with a long tradition of excellence dating back to 1978 when the original Via Brasil was opened in New York City.

A True Authentic Churrascaria where the guest experience is first and foremost and a multitude of Chefs are available to cater to each guests personal tastes.

When guests dine at Via Brasil Steakhouse they can expect to be treated to the highest level of food and service and a mind-blowing array of options.

Featured Reviews

Yelp Review 3/13/14

"....The food was amazing. The meats kept coming and I didn't want to turn the card to red...."

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Open Table Review 3/24/14

"The food just keeps coming, meat after meat and the service is phenomenal...."

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Trip Advisor Review 3/4/14

"....we were so impressed with the food, ambiance and the service, We had a great time, the food were excellent, from the appetizers, to the drinks to the meats....."

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What's New

  • Via Brasil voted Best Brazilian

  • New Happy Hour Menu